About Center

The Center for Dental Implantology, Laser Dentistry and Oral Surgery in Belgrade was establised in 1994. It’s founder and owner is Dr Aleksandar Radovanovic, who is a specialist in Oral Surgery. The Center offers you services in the fields of implantology, oral surgery and the laser treatment of periodontal disease. The Center offers other services in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry. These include laser teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and metal free ceramic crowns. Standard ceramic crowns fused to metal and various types of dentures are available at reasonable prices.

Europian Standards

Our Center follows all European Standards by using state of the art equipment and materials,as well as following the latest trends in modern dentistry. By this we mean that:

  • when possible dental implants are used to replace missing teeth instead of conventional dental bridgework which often requires the removal of sound tooth structure.
  • we provide pain free laser gum surgery with minimal bleeding, swelling and faster recovery from surgery.
  • we provide cosmetic dental procedures like laser teeth whitening, ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers to maintain a white and bright smile!

stomatoloska ordinacija zubar beograd ugradnja implantaAbout Dr Aleksandar Radovanović

Dr Aleksandar Radovanovic graduated from the University of Belgrade School of Dentistry in 1992. He received his Oral Surgery Certificate in 1997. Dr Radovanovic is a member of the Association of Serbian Dentistry, the Association of Serbian Oral Surgeons and the Serbian Doctor Society. Dr Radovanovic attends many international conferences each year inorder to be able to provide state of the art care to his patients. Dr Radovanovic also acts as a consultant to many dental practices in Switzerland, Germany and Montenegro.