Teeth whitening

Our Center from the field of cosmetic denistry offers laser teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is in the world the most famous treatment for getting white and bright smile. There are many reasons why teeth lose its natural white color. It should mention: consuming coffee, tea, cigarettes, cola, medications, but there is other facotors like aging, genetic etc.

There is many types of teeth whitening. Among them the most famous and most used technique is laser teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. This technique remove brown and yellow staining from teeth with laser and whitening gel. In our Center we use this type of teeth whitening.

Technique of teeth whitening can be applied on the natural teeth, that doesn’t have crowns, superstructures or large fillings. During the treatment, whitening gel is applied to the teeth and laser light is directed to the gel, so teeth can absorb that gel. During one treatment of 45 minutes, effect of teeth whitening for 1-2 hues are achieved without damage of teeth structure. Effect of teeth whitening last 9-12 months and after that it is possible to reapeat treatment.

Teeth whitening has its advantages and disadvantages. Main advantage of teeth whitening is that it is the most simple, fast and affordable treatment for getting white teeth. At the other hand teeth whitening can cause pain in teeth and gums to some patients. Research shows that efficient of teeth whitening is 78 %. In the cases of big disoloration of teeth instead teeth whitening it is recommended to use ceramic crowns and teeth veneers, which is much efficient but expensive treatment for getting white teeth.


Ceramic crowns without metal

Other treatments for getting white teeth are metal free ceramic crowns and teeth veneers. After drilling, getting print, and 3D scaning in the laboratory is made structure of high quality. Estimate time of this treatment is about 7 days. Advantage of metal free ceramic crowns is that color of those corwns can match with color of other teeth.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are glued to the front teeth. Porcelain veneers are glued to the teeth in cases: small teeth, discoloration of teeth, teeth breaking etc. Like to the metal free ceramic crowns, color of porcelain veneers can match with color of other teeth. At the other hand it is possible to make a white porcelain veneers, which can bring effect of white teeth. Because of that porcelain veneers are much efficient, then laser teeth whitening in getting white teeth. Porcelain veneers are strong and very sustained and they could last 10-15 years.