In modern prosthetic by now inevitable ceramic crowns fused to metal, bridges and dentures was sent to history, when teeth of implants was appeared. Today teeth implants completely change philosophy of dentistry. They became inevitable method of reconsruction lost teeth.

In the last few years number of patient grows that instead standard ceramic crowns and bridges fused to metal choose teeth implants. Few years ago bridges has advantages related to teeth implants, bc teeth implants couldn’t be implanted to the paient who lose their bons in the jaw. But now new technologies in oral surgery alows implantation of artificial bone in jaws, whereby teeth implants get advantage in relation to teeth bridges.

Advantages of Teeth Implants

Advantages of teeth implants in relation to Ceramic crowns and bridges are numerous. Possibility of dental implant rebelion after 10 yeards are much higher then rebelion of ceramic crowns and bridges. Teeth implants look much better then ceramic crowns and bridges and even better then natural teeth. Teeth implants has functional advantages: with dental implants hard food can chew without pain, which is not case with crowns and bridges, becuse they can cause pain and difficalties during chewing. When bridge is set up on the place of lost teeth, two nearest teeth, that can be healty are lap. During the implantation of teeth implant other teeth are not touched. On the place of the lost teeth bone in the jaw atrophy, which can cause serious deform of jaws and change shape of the face. With implantation of teeth implants bone in jaw is kept from atrophy. At the end we conclude that the only advantage of teeth bridges are it’s price, because bridges has much less price then price of teeth implants.

Procedure for Implantation of Teeth Implants

Tooth implant is consist of 3 parts:

  • Artificial tooth root of titanium that is implanted in bone of jaw
  • Superstructure that puts on titanium root;
  • Crowns that puts on the structure.

On that’s way tooth implant completely replace lost tooth. Implant become tooth replace.

Procedure for implantation of lost teeth are very simple. On the begining it is necessairy to make a Panoramic X-ray of jaws, in order to doctor see is there enough bone in jaws. If not, then befor tooth implementation it is necessary to implant atifcial bone in the jaw. Implantation of teeth implants last about 30 minutes. During this procedure titanium implant with lenght of about 8-12 mm, are implanted in hole that are perviously made in the jaw. After procedure is finish, patient should weit 2-6 month in order that bone accept that implant. After that period patient come to Center again where doctor put superstructure on the implant, and 2 weeks after that doctor can put crown on that superstructure.

Teeth-in-an-Hour Techology

One of the great disandvantage of teeth implants is long time of process of implantation, because from implantation of titanium root till putting superstructure and crow, can pass and few months. But in our Center it is install new technology of swedish company Noble Biocare, so called Teeth-in-an-Hour. This technology allow complete implantation of tooth implant (root, superstructure and corwn) for just one hour. Tehnology Teeth-in-an-Hour is consist of 3D computer scaning of mouth and jaw print. After scaning doctore send 3D picture to the head of company Noble Biocare in Stockholm, Sweden, where their robot match sent datas. After that doctor gets from Sweden 3D plan of operation with milimetar precisely position on which he has to make holes in jaws for implants. Procedure of preparation, giving jaw prints and 3D scaning itself, last 2 days and implantation of teeth implants last 1 hour. Patients who choose this treatment don’t need to weit few months for a new teeth. They can get new teeth for just 2 days.