Laser can be used in many dental treatments like: teeth whitening, root channel treatment, gum surgery, detection and removal of cavity, tumors etc. Laser is especially suitable for gum treatment, because laser remove parts of gum, whereby need for making a large cut in the gum is eliminated.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry:

  • Period of treatment is reduced;
  • Need for giving anasthesia to he patient is eliminated, because laser cause much lower pain, then standard surgen procedure.
  • During the gum surgery, laser cause much less bleeding ans swallowing and after-surger recovery is much faster.
  • Wounded from laser are healing much faster, and risk from infections are minimal.

Laser can’t be used in many other treatments like fillings and crown removal. In some cases in laser dentistry, it is necessairy to use anasthesia and sometimes a drill.